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26 September 2026 @ 07:34 pm

New like minded friends always welcome!

Okay, so I spend a LOT of time in my reddit #mnfh (makenewfriendshere) chatroom every day (via my trillian client, which logs me into all my IM services at once), and they've all become my very good friends. So I got the idea to start one of these for LJers! If you have free time (lots or just some here or there), please come check it out and chat with your lj friends & make some new ones!

Currently I'm the moderator to keep trolls away. Please use your REAL lj username so people know who is who, and register your username so no one can pretend to be you! HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE CHAT! And don't forget to invite your friends!

Join #ljchat however you like:
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& Invite your friends with this code!
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20 May 2013 @ 02:10 pm

[About Me -- as of May 2013!]

I'm Ameya. (Uh-may-uh,) meaning "limitless" or "boundless" in Sanskrit. I declared this my name (and have since been called by everyone except my elder relatives) at 14, because I wanted a name with a meaning, and I chose this one as a reminder of the limitless nature of human potential. I used  to box myself up with all these limited ideas of what is "possible" or "probable" and I would get really depressed, as I am a big dreamer. So, this name became a constant reminder to myself that I truly am capable of anything, regardless of my circumstances.

The name change predates my passionate love and obsession with India by three years, which is now mildly embarrassing for me. I know I look like a major whitey wannabe who changed her name to something Indian just because "omg bollywood and henna and pretty indian clothes~~!!!!11." And while I do <3! all those things, my love of Indian language, culture, history spiritual traditions, etc is legit, and I should probably make into a separate post sometime.

Let's see. I'm 25 (09/26/87) from Dayton, Ohio (home of the Wright Brothers// AIRPLANES!) but moved to Columbus, Ohio (the capital) when I transferred to my current school, and I am absolutely in love with this city. I've also lived in Los Angeles/Valencia/Northridge (as a kid), Malibu, CA, Springfield, OH and Dalian, China.

I've been vegetarian since I was 13 (in and out of veganism all along the way). I've been a bookworm since I learned to read at 3. I grew up between my mom & grandparent's houses in Ohio and summers with my dad in Los Angeles & the Colorado River. Travel is something that is integral to who I am. I'm now a passionate couchsurfer, not only when I travel, but I'm quite active with the Columbus CS chapter & we do things together all the time.

At 15, and then again at 17 I dropped out of high school. I took acting classes in NYC (with Second City. Jennifer Lawrence was my classmate... I basicaly die of jealousy on a daily basis), made no-budget horror-comedy flicks as a teenager, and eventually moved to California to try my luck, but was stuck in a place with no ride to my auditions so I eventually came home. I now have my GED, and due to my almost-perfect GED score (the worst brag ever?) I had two years of scholarship to college. I dropped out of community college (also at 15) and university (at 21, engaged & pregnant) as well. However in May of 2013, at age 25, I FINALLY graduated with a BS in City & Regional Planning from The Ohio State University.

Next up is PhD in the same subject/department. It's a little weird because my department accepted me into the PhD program, but the university grad school wouldn't have because of my bad GPA at my first university (despite graduating from this one with a 3.4 after 2 and a half years!), so I'm currently enrolled as a Master's student until I establish a 3.0+ GPA as a grad school, in which case I'll officially apply again and get accepted into the program. However my teachers still consider me a PhD student & I will be taking PhD classes, so I tend to just call myself a PhD student. I sort of feel like a liar sometimes though. Anyway, my focus will be on Urban Design, Physical Planning & Behavior, so I'm really excited to delve into environmental psychology, spatial cognition, user psychology & user experience design, urban ecology & all the rest.

When I was 21 I got married to Jeremy. At 22 I had our son, Killian, now 3 1/2. I was a crunchy mama, I'm still all about breastfeeding/cloth diapering/attachment parenting, Montessori style parenting, etc, but I am more instinctual than dogmatic about anything. He and I separated in November 2011. Killian splits his time 50/50 between us, and he goes to the amazing daycare in my university & spends a fair amount of time with Jeremy's parents as well. Hopefully this summer (2013) J & I will finally fill out the paperwork for an official divorce (i want my last name back!) but I don't speak legalese or have the resources to have someone make sure there are no shenanigans on my behalf, so i'm dragging my feet.

What else? I have pretty severe ADD which wasn't diagnosed until I was 23, and I'm still learning to deal with, I am finally on anxiety/anti-depression medication (as of October 2012) that I've needed all my life, and I occasionally see neurologists because I suspect I may have a seizure disorder or some other neurological issue as well, as I still have fairly frequent "bad brain days" where I basically can't do anything but stare at a wall and string maybe 2 words together.

I'm currently teaching myself Hindi, mandarin & spanish and doing pre-research for my PhD. I work as an RA for grad/non-traditional students in the married&family housing apartment complex on campus, where I live (for free!), and though I really love this job, it doesn't pay much above the free rent/utilities and my long and can't-work-or-i-fail undergrad experience left me SO VERY VERY in debt. Thus, I am looking for another job I can do instead or in addition that could help me start paying this down before I graduate.  I'm also journeying into the world of bulk food prep and urban homesteading (I already have been doing DIY cleaning type stuff) in an effort to reduce costs & live much greener.

I use LJ to make friends & keep up to date with each other's lives, but most of all I like being friends, not just LJ friends. So I'd love to connect on other platforms as well:

twitter (public)
twitter (private)
snapchat - ameyawarde
skype - ameyawarde

01 January 2013 @ 12:46 pm
01 January 2013 @ 12:39 pm

Moved into my very OWN apartment for the first time in my life!
Jeremy (ex husband) and I broke up late November but I couldn't get a new lease until January 1st. I just switched apartments here in Buckeye Village to a one bedroom, and I instantly fell in love with it. (Moving day ADIML)

It was an eventful year!Collapse )
First part here
My beloved garden here
Check the india tag for the rest of my india pictures!

After we visited the garden, we walked through to the even older part of the palace. I ran to this the center. "This reminds me of Jodha Akhbar! Is this where it was filmed?!" Our guide was smiling and noded and then stopped dead. "Jodha Akhbar?! You know this film?! WAH!!" Apparently parts were filmed here (with many set pieces added) others were re-creations of this place (with other embellishments) on a soundstage.. which kind of makes it even more impressive that i noticed!

Lots more, including a ton of me and thomas because our tour guide was snap happy :DCollapse )

Part one.

This garden/courtyard was possibly my favorite part of all of india and I'm not sure why, exactly, but I just love it a whole lot.

hit CTRL and - or CTRL and mouse scroll wheel to make everything smaller for easier viewing if 800 is too big for  your screen resolution.

This is where the women of the palace would sit and view the proceedings in the public meeting hall below. Purdah was strict back then, so the women could never be seen by strange men.

Can I go back pretty please?Collapse )

Amer Fort! This is the picture post I've been most looking forward to putting up because it was my favorite part of India. Gorgeous and amazing and it just really resonated with me somehow. There is lots to learn about this place, so here is the wiki page.

Amer is located outside of Jaipur, and was the capital of Rajasthan before the Maharaja moved to Jaipur due to water concerns. This fort was continually built upon from 1592-1727 (when the capital was moved.)

We hired a tourguide which was actually an extremely good idea. Not only did we learn a bunch, but he took LOTS of pictures of us! :D  Facebook totally sapped the quality of them, so I'm uploading to photobucket, so these pictures are 800pixels long, so they are all under the cut. If that is too big for your screen 1. wth you have weird dimensions, 2. Press CTRL and the - sign at the same time to shrink everything for easier viewing.

Amer Fort behind us!

Gorgeous fort part 1Collapse )
08 September 2012 @ 03:19 pm

And now.. from Mumbai (all the mumbai pics can be found in the travel pics tag)

Jaipur is the capital of the desert city Rajasthan (Raja=king sthan=state (basically)). Population just over 3 million. My favorite place in india, the Amer Fort, is just outside of Jaipur, but first I thought I'd show some of the random pictures I took in the hotel and from taxis and stuff. It looks very different than the modern megacity in tropical Mumbai.

Photos!Collapse )

The next posts will be full of much, much, much pretty. Rajasthan is very aptly named. They do their palaces and forts exceptionally well.
26 August 2012 @ 01:06 pm

I'm excited. As soon as I heard of this limited edition print celebrating Columbus' Bicentennial I went and bought a big frame on amazon... and then it sat around for 7 months in a box. But yesterday I happened to find myself at one of the few places selling it, I was reminded, and i snatched it up! There are a few side eyes for stuff that made it on here (multiple jeni's ice creams? really?) and what didn't, but overall it's a good montage of the city. The artist has done this for a lot of cities.

     Now I just need to see if my ex-FIL can help me hang it over my tv when he drops Killian off tonight.